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Start! Teaching Assistant Qualification Program@UZH

Start! Teaching Assistant Qualification Program@UZH

The Teaching Assistant Qualification Program at the Educational Development is aimed at all students and graduates at the University of Zurich who are interested in dealing with didactic concepts and/or want to acquire basic qualification in academic teaching.

What participants are saying about the qualification program:

"Thank you for the great support and the teaching."

"I am thrilled with the programme and can highly recommend it. I learned a lot and would definitely book it again."

„I really enjoyed attending these courses. In no other course during my studies I've had such a learning outcome by having fun at the same time. In my view I have learnt things to use in my everyday life and not just for university (a skill instead of mere knowledge).“

"Everything went wonderfully and I am very satisfied with the entire program. And all of my questions were answered quickly and completely. Fantastic!"

"The program helped me to gain insight into the role of teaching assistant for my first tutorial. The multimedia format of the program is excellent."

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